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Izberg is proud to be named as Sample Vendor in Gartner's "Hype Cycle for Digital Commerce" !

The IZBERG solution is proud to integrate the Gartner report: "Hype Cycle for Digital Commerce" published in August 2020 !  
This report aims to help decision-makers assess the relevance and robustness of the various solutions on the market.
IZBERG is referenced as a "sample vendor", among a dozen other publishers, thus underlining the relevance and solidity of the solution.

Give your customers the best solution

The marketplace model provides you with an additional source of revenue, expanding your catalog without logistical constraints and placing you at the heart of the market ecosystem.

Modular and customizable, the SaaS solution uses its APIs to manage the most complex elements of your project. Whether to digitize your offer or federate your ecosystem, make the most of an innovative tool and anticipate trends in your industry.


IZBERG for all

A solution for all targets


Distributors, manufacturers, pure players: simplify your transactions with the marketplace model.


Boost all aspects of your business by providing your customers with a simple, fast and efficient shopping experience.


Take advantage of a new sales channel to strengthen and build loyalty among your distributors and end customers.


We love developers

We are a company of engineers that keeps developers in mind. The IZBERG platform has online documentation, Postman collections and tools to test integration of our APIs quickly. You can also enjoy a direct communication channel through Slack during the integration phase.

Programming Code
Business challenges

Why create a marketplace ?

A solution designed for all your business challenges

Offer a new range of services

By adding a new range of services to your core business, you can enhance your value proposition and become the key player in your market.

Expand your catalog

IZBERG helps you expand your offer by integrating catalogs from third-party vendors without the cost of purchase, storage or shipping.

Digitize a physical network

IZBERG allows you to easily connect a physical network of brands, suppliers or franchisees to a centralized platform…

Avoid disintermediation

By offering a one-stop-shop to the end customer, you incorporate the entire value chain of which you are initially just a part to become the reference through a single web platform.

Modernize procurement

Digitizing your purchasing process now means easiness, smoothness, speed and efficiency.


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