Committed to helping transport professionals optimise their operational performance, Alstom is now launching its own Marketplace called StationOne. This platform is designed as a service to connect Rail Operators with international vendors. StationOne provides access to a wide catalogue of products and services for a wide range of operational needs such as train and infrastructure maintenance.

Based on the principles of simplicity, speed and security, this platform aims to bring additional fluidity to the supply chain of mobility professionals by facilitating the identification of parts and the taking of orders.

Chosen as a technology partner for its expertise, Izberg confirms its know-how to industries wishing to transform their business models and shows its willingness to assert itself on the Marketplaces market. Indeed, beyond a market place, IZBERG is able to offer real strategic and technical support in the digital transformation of its customers and offers intermediation platforms that provide access to a wide range of products and services while facilitating exchanges between companies around the world.

In the case of StationOne, the IZBERG solution was able to adapt to the requirements of the B2B market and more particularly to the specificities of the railway world in just a few months.

Benoit Feron, Co-founder & Global Head of Sales at IZBERG explains, "The B2B market has immense potential and represents 80% of global sales. However, almost 50% of these sales are currently made on B2C sites, in particular because of their fluidity. We are proud to support a leader such as Alstom in creating a new model for online buying and selling, and in the democratisation of the intermediation platform, which today seems to be one of the most profitable and efficient ways of developing".

StationOne is already available to vendors, and will be available to future customers in November 2018.

"We chose IZBERG to develop our marketplace. StationOne will facilitate operators' procurement processes and enable sellers from around the world to reach buyers through a single platform."

Didier Bohin
CEO StationOne