Which sectors have already developed marketplaces and which sectors offer new growth opportunities?

There are still plenty of B2C opportunities but the B2B market has been booming all over the world in the last year or two.

We’re seeing the emergence of lots of new projects that are driven by the circular economy and refurbished products: second-hand sales, but between professionals. Many companies have contacted us about this, particularly in the automotive industry. They recover used materials from garages with the aim of repairing them, putting them back on the market at attractive prices and, most of importantly of all, communicating about this eco-friendly circular economy.

Other sectors including banking, health and industry are also very dynamic.

Marketplaces enjoyed explosive growth in 2021; could the market become saturated in 2022? 

It’s true that e-commerce for B2C clients almost always involves a marketplace. We’re not an afterthought any more. But the market regulates itself as new players emerge: the key difference lies in the service they provide. The companies that last are those that offer fast delivery or payment in three installments at no additional cost, for example, and very large players that benefit from a quasi-monopoly. 

Much remains to be developed with the B2B sector, so saturation is a distant prospect! 

A key aspect to strengthen the marketplace model in the coming months? 

I’d say ensuring the long-term future of the marketplace model! A marketplace is an ecosystem that involves a number of different parties. IZBERG is the nucleus of the platform. In addition to the back office that we provide, the operator needs a payment service provider, logistics professionals and a whole range of other players to create a marketplace. That’s why we provide an ecosystem of partners to anticipate our clients’ every need. Technology, payment management, logistics: we already offer all that but we could also provide our clients with a catalog of sellers!

And of course, the user experience is key when it comes to creating a marketplace that stands out: simplifying the customer journey, offering one-click payment, etc. It’s vital to prioritize our clients!