Why launch a B2B marketplace?

A B2B marketplace can bring new customers, increased online revenue, remove intermediaries, etc.


Simplify the purchasing process

    • No more never-ending negotiations and complicated processes
    • Centralize suppliers' offers and requests from companies in a single marketplace
    • Transparent processes and smooth exchanges

    Increase your visibility

        • Have your suppliers compete on your platform
        • A new distribution channel and increased visibility for your suppliers
        • Boosted online visibility
        • Increased audience and quality traffic

        An e-commerce experience that fits your constraints

      1. Reduce costs and increase margins
      2. A great user experience, comfortable design and speedy transactions: enjoy all the benefits of B2C standards
      3. The specifics of B2B are respected: price management by supplier, deferred payment, tax management, etc.
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        Reach new markets

        • Manufacturers without online sales can reach new markets
        • SMBs can reach new segments of buyers

          And your buyers ?

          • They have a wider range of choice
          • Centralization brings easier purchases
          • Suppliers compete and can be compared
          • Lower transaction costs

          B2B Features

          IZBERG adapts to meet your needs

          Find out about Izberg's B2B-specific features


          Deferred payment

          The operator can create several end-of-month payment terms on their application. For deferred payment, payment will be made on a given invoice with a specific payment period and a payment due date calculated accordingly. The buyer will have a specific period to pay the seller, in several installments if necessary. The IZBERG invoicing module allows the seller to see all associated invoices on each order and all the invoices they have created.


          Invoicing process

          A seller can create multiple invoices on their order to reflect the invoicing process in their business case. Then, the payment partner cannretrieve the invoices, generate the legal PDF file, and send it back to IZBERG so that the seller can download it. The front-end server can retrieve it and show the invoice to the buyer. Once the payment partner has issued the invoice, they can be paid in one or more installments.Une fois que la facture est émise par le partenaire de paiement, elle peut être payée en recevant un ou plusieurs paiements.


          Credit Notes

          Some incidents between the buyer and the seller can be identified. If these incidents occur before invoicing, the seller may cancel or refund the item depending on the type of payment. If the incident occurs after invoicing, the seller can use the credit note module to track the incident. A credit note can be created on each invoice to specify certain items on the invoice. The credit note then follows the same workflow as the invoice. Once the payment partner has issued the credit note, IZBERG will decide whether to automatically generate a refund based on the amount of the credit note and the invoice's outstanding amount


          Generic payment interface

          Streamline your processes for strategic and non-strategic purchasing. Reduce order processing costs, inspection times and accounting. Secure your supply chain by increasing the number of competing offers.


          Customizable KYC documents

          IZBERG can configure different KYC files for each application. Each operator can thus request different KYC documents from their sellers to track their business cases or according to the payment partner's needs.


          Who is a B2B marketplace for ?

          Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers: IZBERG is ready for all your commercial and strategic challenges.

          Distributors and wholesalers

          Create a one-stop shop and expand your range of products and services with third-party sellers. Build your customers' loyalty and control your value chain.


          Add complementary products from other companies and give your clients a single, centralized, end-to-end experience.

          Distributors and service providers

          Streamline your purchases and make it easier for supply to meet your market's demand by referencing a single supplier for the same purchase category.


          Streamline your purchasing process. Reduce order processing costs and inspection times. Secure your supply chain by increasing the number of competing offers.