Act with and for you

Our clients choose us for the outsourcing of their technology but especially for our expertise and ability to support them in decision-making. This is done in a collaborative approach allowing us to respond to your problems while developing and enriching our solution.

This partnership takes shape, for example, by inviting you to design features, test prototypes before development, polls and user interviews etc.


Build together

This fundamental basis - the partnership - allows us to design together a product that meets the usage needs of all our customers. In essence, the SaaS model offers the same version to all of our users. They automatically benefit from new features developed very regularly on the product.

We are therefore keen to understand the users' needs while aiming to respond to as many use cases as possible.


The user at the heart of our concerns

The users are those working on the IZBERG solution every day. We attach great importance and time to the way they use the product, to understand why this or that feature is needed.

We focus on the everyday usability of our solution but also on its efficiency and performance in the service of the company.


Agility: keystone of our actions

By adopting agility as a state of mind - and not as a method, agility not being an end in itself - we strive to bring value to every action, quickly and consistently. This makes it possible to involve all parties and shorten the feedback cycle to the maximum.

For example, we perform weekly production releases to bring value to the user each week, or we plan developments for large projects.