Our approach

A modular, API-first e-commerce platform and solution


We are API-first and modular

All IZBERG products and features are available through a Rest API. Our "API-first" approach makes integration easier for you , allowing you total freedom in your project. You choose the modules you want to use and you can even add features in the IZBERG back offices.

Agile, lean, modular : customers can have an initial demo version of their project up and running fast.
Customer-centric : we build the IZBERG solution from a stable and expandable base on which we develop business models. We are our API's heaviest users, and our customers have the same opportunities as us to build their own bricks over IZBERG.

We love developers: we are an engineering company and we keep developers in mind. The IZBERG platform has online documentation, Postman collections and tools to test integrations of our APIs quickly.


We are a platform

Offering you maximum independence: IZBERG is part of a "best of breed" approach. The solution is designed to interconnect easily with other software, whether external or developed by our clients in-house.

A rich ecosystem of partners: when a customer chooses IZBERG, they are integrated directly into an ecosystem of technology and business partners. Payment, feed aggregator, customer journey customization: everything facilitates and improves your project implementation.


We are an e-commerce solution

We know that every need is different and we designed IZBERG to be generic enough to support you in all your digital commerce projects.

You can use IZBERG with an existing e-commerce solution to escalate orders to sellers or use IZBERG's transactional features to manage the entire buying process. We have modules for shopping carts, tax calculation, shipping

and sales promotion management. These modules are available through APIs and adapted to the specificities of multi-vendor issues.


IZBERG B2C Platform

Save time

IZBERG manages all the complex elements of the project for you. Your time is optimized so you can focus on your core business.

A single catalog

Create, store and manage all product and service information in a single catalog that regularly expands through supplier onboarding. Offer your users quality content.

Fast feed management

Use the feed analysis tool to import each sellers' catalog in the format of your choice.

An optimized customer experience

The scoring and evaluation features allow you to evaluate sellers, add feedback and manage incidents.

Easy integration

Whatever e-commerce CMS or custom framework you use, IZBERG is easy and fast to connect with help from our project teams.

Focus on your KPIs

The dashboard gives you quick access to the most important indicators so you can manage your business effectively.


IZBERG B2B Platform

The marketplace revolution is coming to B2B. Simplify your transactions with the marketplace model.

Our modular platform makes it easy to handle data. IZBERG offers flexibility and independence, making it perfectly suited to specific and complex B2B projects. Use our "toolbox" to adapt your project to your use case.

Fonctionnalités B2B

IZBERG adapts to meet your needs

Find out about Izberg's B2B-specific features


Deferred payment

The operator can create several end-of-month payment terms on their application. For deferred payment, payment will be made on a given invoice with a specific payment period and a payment due date calculated accordingly. The buyer will have a specific period to pay the seller, in several installments if necessary. The IZBERG invoicing module allows the seller to see all associated invoices on each order and all the invoices they have created.


Invoicing process

A seller can create multiple invoices on their order to reflect the invoicing process in their business case. Then, the payment partner can retrieve the invoices, generate the legal PDF file, and send it back to IZBERG so that the seller can download it. The front-end server can retrieve it and show the invoice to the buyer. Once the payment partner has issued the invoice, they can be paid in one or more installments. Une fois que la facture est émise par le partenaire de paiement, elle peut être payée en recevant un ou plusieurs paiements.


Credit Notes

Some incidents between the buyer and the seller can be identified. If these incidents occur before invoicing, the seller may cancel or refund the item depending on the type of payment. If the incident occurs after invoicing, the seller can use the credit note module to track the incident. A credit note can be created on each invoice to specify certain items on the invoice. The credit note then follows the same workflow as the invoice. Once the payment partner has issued the credit note, IZBERG will decide whether to automatically generate a refund based on the amount of the credit note and the invoice's outstanding amount.


Generic payment interface

Streamline your processes for strategic and non-strategic purchasing. Reduce order processing costs, inspection times and accounting. Secure your supply chain by increasing the number of competing offers.


Customizable KYC documents

IZBERG can configure different KYC files for each application. Each operator can thus request different KYC documents from their sellers to track their business cases or according to the payment partner's needs.