The Scoping Phase

You express all your needs; we analyse them and then work with you to make the best choices for your project.

We provide you with technical and functional training in how to use the solution.

To provide you with the most effective support in the roll-out your project, IZBERG offers a dozen on-demand workshops after analyzing your needs, including: APIs, order management, PIM management, shipping management etc.

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The Initialization phase

Alongside the first phase, our teams create your environment and help you set up your development environment. An Implementation Manager is assigned to your project and supports you throughout phases 1, 2 and 3.


The Integration assistance phase

During this phase, we are at your side every day to answer your technical and functional questions about the solution. In addition to this ongoing support, we also offer regular meetings:

  • The weekly meeting: review all subjects with the project team and the integrator/client team
  • The project committee: a meeting every two months to follow up on your project

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Post-Launch Support

A Customer Success (CS) and a Technical Account Manager (TAM) are assigned to support you in launching your marketplace. Their business, functional and technical knowledge helps you optimize the deployment and performance of your marketplace and ensure its success. The CS is at the ready to deliver a series of personalized workshops to guide you through the BUILD and RUN phases. With their technical background, the TAM becomes your priority contact.

Once your marketplace is launched, you have access to technical support engineers whose role is both to assist you in using the solution via video tutorials and to identify and resolve any anomalies you might encounter.