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Our company

IZBERG, a subsidiary of the Open Group, is the publisher of the IZBERG solution, a SaaS platform enabling any company positioned on a B2B or B2C product and/or service market to develop its business through a digital sales channel by building and operating its own marketplace.


Our ambition

To revolutionize the world of e-commerce by offering each and every one of our clients a unique experience in terms of technology, functionalities and business acumen and ensuring that their marketplace earns them a market-leading position.


Our vision

Given the constantly changing circumstances of today’s economy, every company must ensure an optimal value proposition to meet its customers’ needs. We believe that integrating a marketplace into a business model enables companies to become significantly more responsive. This leads to better analysis of the market, thereby ensuring market leadership.


Our commitment

To support leading companies, we are committed to: innovating to enhance our clients’ performance, ensuring that we provide an accessible and comprehensive range of services to be able to continuously improve the user experience, constantly strengthening the global technological leadership of our platform.


Our mission

Supporting current and future market-leading companies by offering an SaaS marketplace platform that is tailored to their business, along with the expertise and methodology of a team that is fully committed to the success of these companies

Our Management

Vincent Lorach

Associate Director

Jérémie Chema

Associate Director