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The marketplace model is disrupting B2B… and that’s good news!

There’s been a real shift this year: the volume of online retail in B2B has exceeded that of B2C (Gartner). And this trend is likely to intensify thanks to marketplaces, which represent the best driver of sales among professionals:
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Food marketplaces: the key to more responsible consumerism

The retail and food industries have gradually invested in the Marketplace model, which is particularly appropriate when it comes to encouraging more responsible consumption.
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Marketplaces: why UX is twice as important

45% of French people* (almost one in two) leave a website or mobile site after viewing one page. And a single second’s delay in loading leads to a 16% drop in customer satisfactio...
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Banking & insurance: 3 good reasons to open a B2B marketplace

If you are in this business, you know that intermediation plays a key role in reaching the customer. By opening a marketplace, you can seize this intermediary role rather than leaving it to others.
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Marketplaces: a cornerstone of the circular economy

Circular economy, second-hand markets: in this article, we offer you an update on this alternative and ecological mode of consumption.
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An effective marketplace catalog is both dense and easy to read

Let's compare the marketplace to a virtual shopping mall. As the operator of the site, you are faced with the same challenges as real estate companies: how to attract the most prestigious brands to your site?
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The marketplace market in 2022: a professional opinion!

3 questions to Vincent Lorach, Associate Director of IZBERG.
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2021 comes to an end, 2022 begins: marketplace trends as seen by IZBERG

Before turning the page on 2021, let's take stock!
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[REPLAY] B2B Marketplaces: 7 challenges and trends to focus on

Watch IZBERG's intervention with Lemonway on the B2B marketplace and the 7 challenges and trends to explore.
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Marketplace Community - Diatly

Check out the third Marketplace Community video!
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Marketplace Community - Redsen

Check out the second Marketplace Community video!
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Marketplace Community - Adjuvoo

Watch our first Marketplace Community video
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B2C Marketplaces sales are booming: now it’s your turn!

If we had to name one example among the marketplace pioneers, it would perhaps be ManoMano. As soon as we write these lines, ten other cases come to mind - Gifi in France and Dott in Portugal, among others...
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How to succeed your eProcurement strategy ?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of today's procurement strategies? What are the priorities and objectives for successful procurement? What solutions are currently available on the market? Find out in our interview!
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Marketplaces: the case for transparency

The entire e-commerce is migrating towards marketplace solutions. To date, if we look at the ranking of online sales sites in France, we see that it is almost entirely composed of marketplaces. At the end of 2019, Fevad, which establishes its top 10 according to the number of unique monthly visitors, cited Amazon, Cdiscount, Booking, Fnac, Veepee, Vinted...
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Six differences between an e-commerce site and a marketplace

Of the 15 most visited merchant sites in France, 10 are marketplaces. And for many, the marketplace is the natural evolution of e-commerce. But what are the main differences between these platforms? Answers from our Marketplace Insights experts.
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Why launch an e-commerce site... when you can launch a marketplace?

The question is deliberately provocative, but it was burning our tongues! In 2021 and especially after the "Covid year" spent confined behind our screens, if we draw a column in favor of marketplaces on the left and a column in favor of merchant sites on the right ... it becomes really difficult to add lines in the second.
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Success Story : Dott

With its general B2C marketplace, DOTT supplants Amazon in Portugal and becomes the first national marketplace.
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Does your international marketplace comply with new regulations in 2021?

As you probably know, a marketplace is an intermediary platform which brings together online buyers and sellers.
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ALSTOM chooses IZBERG to help it roll out its marketplace technology

IZBERG, the French company that offers the only modular and customizable end-to-end marketplace for products and services, is proud to announce today its collaboration with Alstom, a world leader in transportation systems.