Business Challenges

Avoid disintermediation

A marketplace allows you to create an online shopping area that connects the players in your ecosystem to offer the end customer a one-stop-shop. You incorporate the entire value chain of which you were initially just a part to become the reference through a single web platform.
Business Challenges

Digitize a physical network

An omnichannel philosophy lets you utilize a maximum of contact channels between the company and the customer, but stock management and the user experience are not necessarily optimized. IZBERG allows you to easily connect a physical network of brands, suppliers or franchisees to a centralized platform
Business Challenges

Offer a new range of services

Today, prices are no longer the only way to stand out. It is better to offer your customers a complete and unique user experience. By adding a new range of services to your core business, you can enrich your value proposition and become the key player in your market.
Business Challenges

Modernize procurement

With the marketplace model, digitizing your purchasing process now means easiness, smoothness, speed and efficiency.
Business challenges

Expand your catalog

IZBERG allows you to expand your range of offers by integrating third-party seller catalogs and offering a selection of the best products and market trends, all without the cost of purchase, storage, and shipping.